The importance of mutual support and respect between businesses in tourism hotspots

By Mr Larry Burch, Aquavue Café Watersports CEO/Managing Director

Aquavue has evolved with the assistance of many people, including past and present staff, local businesses and national business entities, have ensured a very supportive network that has assisted the drive to develop Aquavue into the successful business it is today.

For any area/region to grow their tourism footprint, they need to work as a cohesive unit to achieve greatness. Prime examples would be the Australia’s Gold Coast and New Zealand’s Queenstown area. Both these destinations have built product bases that ensure they are known the world over as destinations of choice.

For us on the Fraser Coast to make any headway we MUST ensure that all businesses have an interest in being involved. Any business that trades in any area should understand that to be successful we need to provide access to funds for suitable advertising to be undertaken. On the Fraser Coast we have always struggled to source sufficient funds because some business owners don’t understand how tourism dollars are distributed. We place the greater majority of funds around a product that is utilised over a 3-month period annually.

This will undoubtedly be denied by those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, however, this has been the case for many a year. This region is known for the world listed Fraser Island and our Whale Watching in sheltered waters, so to spend dollars on promoting these products is a “no brainer” but we must up the ante on the other products to look after the other 9 months annually, to truly get the value we require to sustain our Fraser Coast and its growing population.

The answer is, and has always been to initiate a levy of course…a levy will benefit us all well into the future…

We just need councillors to realise that this is something that is needed now for the good of the whole region and not let fear of not being re-elected hold them back…

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