Striving for Sustainability

Aquavue, and Fraserjet hold a strong reputation for being advocates of the Fraser Coast including the local tourism industry and the supporting of regional economic development strategies. Some of the tactics or strategies we employ for community investment;

  • Identifies and maintains long-standing relationships with top-grade local producers and suppliers
  • All sales and servicing requirements of equipments are sourced and purchased from locally owned and operated Fraser Coast businesses
  • All renovation and construction work is undertaken by local construction companies and subcontractors
  • Aquavue staff are local to the Fraser Coast
  • The members of Aquavue’s management team participate in regional forums and workshops regularly
  • Aquavue uses local professionals for all advertising purposes

Additionally, Aquavue and Fraserjet are well-known for community service, especially when it comes to water safety. Aquavue is an industry leader and prides themselves on being first responders in times of crisis. ACW’s marine staff and coxswains are members of and work closely with the local Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR). During peak seasons Aquavue’s watercraft act as standby rescue vessels for VMR. Our communication system is used as a secondary point of contact during rescue missions and inclement weather or natural disasters such as cyclones and heavy rainfall.

Aquavue is heavily involved in wildlife catch and release operations, being the rescue of sick and injured animals and the releasing of wildlife following care back into their natural habitats. The link below links to a case study, posted on a local Facebook page about the involvement of Aquavue in the rescue of “Cara – the Green Sea Turtle”.

Link to case study:

We have also implemented strategies to improve environmental sustainability which has proved to be both successful and helpful in obtaining our EcoTourism and Nature Tourism accreditations. New strategies are consistently being introduced to ensure the business remains vigilant and accountable in sustainability practices and industry standards.

More information regarding the Fraser Coast can be found on

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