Hervey Bay Weddings 2021 Update

After being inundated with wedding enquiries and bookings throughout 2020 our Functions Manager at Aquavue has set the intention for 2021 to increase the Hervey Bay Weddings side of the business. With the current changing times we want to make sure that our award-winning venue continues to remain successful and that future customers are able to have a seamless experience that is adapted to what they are looking for. After COVID impacted not only the number of guests that were allowed at a function and whether guests were allowed to dance there is no better time than 2021 to host the wedding of your dreams, that one you have been waiting for. Our Functions Manager has had experience in managing weddings since 2016 which first involved basic weddings on the beach. Now Hervey Bay Weddings has an array of packages to choose from and specialised packages can be tailored to suit you! Our weddings are managed with a high level of expertise from our manager, Aquavue staff and suppliers in Hervey Bay to ensure that you receive a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. 

Expected Trends for 2021

  1. Budget-Conscious Couples

It is expected that couples will want to be more aware of where they are spending money after people’s financial situations were impacted during the pandemic. That is no problem for us as we are happy to tailor our packages to suit your budget! That way you can still have the wedding you want and still have money in your pockets afterwards! 

  1. Intimate Weddings

There will be a rise in small intimate weddings after 2020 made people realise who is most important to them! At Hervey Bay Weddings we have already experienced this shift and have started to cater for smaller weddings which originally were not common. The benefits of an intimate wedding include saving money (and spending more lavishly on a small group), being able to personally involve your guests in your ceremony, less stress and being able to enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest. 

  1. A Rise Against The Norm

Out with the old and in with the new;’ 2020 saw a rise in couples going against the traditional wedding and are now creating weddings to match their own expectations. Vogue predicts that brides will prefer to add more colour, pastels or rich tones and wear more comfortable footwear. Some brides will prefer to wear pantsuits and dresses above the knee – anything goes! We will see more bridesmen and groomsmaids and mismatched number wedding parties! An increase in sustainable practices will continue after it was the top trend for 2020 such as biodegradable decorations, buying from local businesses and seasonal food offerings.  

  1. A Personal Preference in Entertainment

After people were binge watching entertainment through last year it is anticipated that couples will want entertainment that suits them and will allow their guests to actually get up and dance! Couples may also offer unique entertainment such as comedians, magicians and performers that can also keep guests entertained whilst they stay in their seats. 

Anticipated Changes for the Year

The current plans for Hervey Bay Weddings is to keep up with the current trends as mentioned above, create more packages that are suited towards intimate weddings, increase our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Google and increase our presence in the Hervey Bay area as a wedding venue. Our goal is to also continue providing weddings that are to a high standard that will suit your expectations and continue to receive five star reviews like these!

Amazing team who go above and beyond for their brides – my dream wedding came to life after 12 months of planning!!! Couldn’t recommend Aquavue more.”
Jessica 16/08/2020

We wanted to express how happy we are with how the wedding went. The staff were just fantastic, very attentive. Everything looked great, food was great.”
Melissa 20/10/2018

“We held our wedding at Aqua Vue, a BIG event. Not a single thing went wrong. The meals were some of the best I’ve ever eaten. The drinks were prompt and very well made. The view or should I say Vue is second to none and the staff are the most accommodating and friendly people you’ll ever have serve you. I am so proud I had my wedding there. We requested our wedding be formal attire for our guests, and even the staff came on board and were dressed perfectly for the evening.
Montanna 4/05/2019

There is no better time than now to book in and start planning your special day. It’s important to book in early as after the hectic year 2020 was, weddings were postponed and venues are expected to receive an influx of demand in 2021. It is anticipated that there will be a wide spread of weddings over the year and there will be an increase in weekday weddings to ensure suppliers are available. It is reported that people are spending more time planning their wedding through social media than actually booking in early and managing their wedding with a person! 

Save the hassle, book in early, talk to an expert in person and you will create your perfect wedding day with ease! 

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