Our tours contain a high educational and awareness focus that informs visitors about the impacts currently affecting the Great Sandy Marine Park and Fraser Island, details of the amazing ecosystem itself and how we can minimise our impact whilst visiting the region. 

We are a small tour operator, operating with a maximum of five Yamaha Wave Runners per tour, which is one of the reasons we have been granted access to the Great Sandy Marine Park and some areas of Fraser Island. Operating as a small tour was a decision made by our family to reduce potential anthropogenic impacts and to offer our guests a far more intimate and unique Jet Skiing experience.  

As an operator, we believe that we play a vital role in the protection of Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Marine Park and in the education of tourists visiting the area. All our tours and operations uphold the view to prevent, reduce, reuse or mitigate any harmful effects. We are committed to ensuring that all activities are undertaken in a manner that exceeds all environmental regulation requirements and best practice codes.


  • To uphold and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • To monitor and record all environmental impacts. 
  • To ensure our operation does not create any long term environmental impacts.
  • To reduce any unavoidable direct or indirect impacts from the operation.
  • To monitor all waste produced on the vessel. 
  • To reduce emissions from the operation and from our guests.
  • To promote best practice and improve resilience and adaptation to climate change
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