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Aquavue and Fraserjet

I have been lucky to have travelled to some of the most iconic and exotic destinations all across the globe. Always looking to explore new places whether it’s to a tourist haven or off the beaten track. Friends and family are always asking me about our travel journeys and wanting to know more about what we have enjoyed and why. That thirst for information was what inspired me to create a travel blog – Deeluxe Travels – a platform where I could take my passion for travel and share what I have learned with others.

Australia has some of the most exotic places, right here in our very own backyard. I have been out and exploring more of our beautiful Aussie townships and regions.  Hervey Bay was definitely on the radar – the Holy Grail for Whale Watching. Having been there some time ago, I was keen to take my family back to see these majestic creatures up close once again and get out to explore Hervey Bay.

My brother-in-law recommended a must visit to Aquavue and Fraserjet, so we were curious to check it out.  Hervey Bay was our home for just 4 days, whilst we were in transit on a northern road trip. To be honest, felt the time was a little too short and wished that we had spent a bit more time there. Upon reflection we should have also incorporated a visit across to Fraser Island.

My first recommendation would be definitely to spend more time in Hervey Bay and surrounds!

Aquavue and Fraserjet is touted as being Hervey Bay’s Premier destination for food, fun and adventure.

My thoughts?

It was exactly that! I booked a range of activities to make sure we were seizing the most out of our time whilst we were there.

Simply a hub for fun. There was a lot to do with the water activities such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, banana rides, fishing and jet ski charters. We spent each morning heading down to Aquavue, starting off the day with a great breakky overlooking the long stretch of beach. Felt incredibly relaxing right on the bay, enjoying an eggs benny and morning coffee.

One particular highlight was a Jet Ski Safari – over to Moon Point and Pelican Banks (through the Great Sandy Straits). This was a truly exciting and almost surreal experience. One that I absolutely highly recommend. I haven’t jet skied since I was considerably younger.

When we sat down with Darren (our guide) to go through the safety talks, I must say I started to doubt whether I could actually do this on my own. My son was riding as pillion passenger with my husband. Darren was super thorough with all the safety points, explaining tips, such as going faster would gain greater control over the jet ski and be easier to ride. I found that totally dubious, however as we made our way out onto the water, I learned quickly that Darren’s advice was spot on!  I seemed to lose total control and was very worried that this was impacting the other couple who had joined us on the jet-ski safari.

Darren rode alongside me coaching me with his expert tutelage on how to master the jet ski. Before long I had the hang of it, started to feel a lot more confident and must say the entire experience was totally thrilling. Thank you Darren! The water was like magic, it looked like glass and the ride was smooth. It was truly an exhilarating ride!  I rated it right up there with some of my past travels; taking a superwoman zip line over Fremont St in Vegas and white water rafting in New Zealand. We rode for quite a long time across the bay, looking for sea life on the journey, taking in the gorgeous views of the ocean over the Strait.

Absolutely thrilling!

We stopped in close to the beach edge and dove into the water for a refreshing swim. The water was so blue and very warm. Actually, it felt much warmer than the water down the coast for the time of year. When we got back on the jet skis we motored around looking at the coral just beneath the water, as was so incredibly clear.

It was only mid-morning, after an early start (7am:) and we headed back. To be honest, we had such an amazing time, we really didn’t want the morning to end. All up, the Jet Ski safari we chose, took about 2 hours – an absolutely must do experience!

On your travels, make sure to drop in to experience all the food, fun, action and adventure at Aquavue and Fraserjet.

Trust me, you will just LOVE it!




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